maandag 2 februari 2015

robustify.js: Returning a Memento iso a “404”

To end link rot on the archaeological site I run (, I wanted a tool that would stop sending users to pages that return a “404 File not found” error. So I wrote a nifty little script called robustify.js.

robustify.js checks the validity of each link a user clicks. If the linked page is not available, robustify.js will try to redirect the user to an archived version of the requested page. The script implements Herbert Van de Sompel's Memento Robust Links - Link Decoration specification (as part of the Hiberlink project) in how it tries to discover an archived version of the page. As a default, it will use the Memento Time Travel service as a fallback. You can easily implement robustify.js on your web pages in so that it redirects pages to your preferred web archive.

robustify.js can be found on GitHub. A demo can be seen here.

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